Runner Program

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How it works

  1.  Sign up!  We'll need your email address and full name so we can give you access to our user portal which you will be using for the program.
  2.  Check our email/to-buy list.  We send an email daily asking you to buy something. Attached will be a spreadsheet indicating the product, price, and quantity. This spreadsheet is updated daily except for weekends.
  3.  Buy.  Purchase the items. Please provide your full name on the label, that way it's easier to process for the warehouse. Take note of the tracking number. Once you buy those items at that price, email your designated Buyer with the receipt and a purchase order (PO) will be created. You will be given a reference number for that invoice — make sure you get one for each invoice. You'll be able to see the PO and its status (if the item has been received, billed, or paid) in our portal.
  4.  Warehouse processing.  Whenever you know something has been delivered, please send a message with the order reference and tracking number for checking. Our Logistics team processes the goods once they're delivered to our warehouse. This usually takes around 2 to 3 days after delivery.
  5.  Get paid!  ​We pay you for the products 2 to 3 weeks* after your order is processed by our warehouse. We send payments on Tuesdays and Fridays. The money will be reflected in your account the following business day. 
    * Option to expedite to 5 days upon delivery - 2.5% below retail price (5% below for Prime Day)

What's in it for you

There are multiple benefits from this program! It helps build credit without actually spending money; it gives you rewards from the stores you can use for future purchases where we will still pay you the total price; and you get cashback from your card as well as other rewards including airline miles, points, and more!

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