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Meet some of the global talents composing the Argentek team! We're a diverse bunch from all over the world working towards one common goal: to deliver top-notch service to our clients and contribute to our mission to distribute the world's most innovative tech products.

Andres Molanes

Andres Molanes

Chief Executive Officer
Mississauga, Canada


Our Founder

Andres, or Andy to his peers, is Argentek's Founder and CEO.

He was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and currently resides in Mississauga, Canada.

He loves traveling with his wife Julia and three children.

At work, he is the company's respected and stern yet friendly and approachable leader. He hosts monthly Game Days where he showcases his nonexistent (his words!) drawing skills and quick wit and sense of humor (dad jokes included).

Andy's been in charge of Argentek for 14 years, and hopes to continue to be until his dad jokes eventually become granddad jokes – that's how much he loves this company.


Director of Products

Edwin F.

Chief Operating Officer
United States

Kevin H.

Account Director
United Kingdom

Sales Manager

Blagoy U.

Account Director

Warehouse Manager

Cesar P.

Warehouse Manager
United States

Brand Manager

Michelle A.

Brand Manager


Jamie S.

Senior Buyer

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